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For the past two years, Georgia Tech has explored opportunities to enhance its current advising programs and practices. In 2018, the Academic Advising Task Force produced a set of recommendations to address immediate areas of opportunity in alignment with the long-term goals of the Commission on Creating the Next in Education in advising for a new era.

The advising platform, Advisor Link, was introduced to support enhanced coordination of processes and information for Georgia Tech's diverse advising ecosystem. This collaborative effort is led by the Office of the Provost along with partnership between the Office of Undergraduate Education, Office of Information Technology, and Georgia Tech Professional Education.

Advising for a New Era Report

A challenge to the traditional fragmented approaches to advising-bringing different aims of advising under a single data-driven umbrella.

Academic Advising Task Force

The Academic Advising Task Force is a committee charged by the provost with making recommendations to improve advising programs and practices.

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The vision for this engagement is to deliver a unified advising experience to the Georgia Tech Learning Community through a usable digital platform that brings together data that enables personalized, proactive guidance and engagement.Georgia Tech also strives to implement a secure, consolidated system that facilitates operational efficiencies and accountability across services and teams, surfaces accurate information and predictive analytics and adapts to the future needs and stakeholders of the Institute.

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