About the Solution


The student advising solution, Salesforce Advisor Link, provides advisors with a single view of every student, bringing data together from disparate systems and sources to engage students based on their unique needs and assess all factors that may contribute to or hinder success. The solution is part of the Salesforce Education Cloud suite and provides insights on student attendance tracking, use of library and other student resources,  email open rates, and other important indicators for success and matriculation. This information empowers advisors to act efficiently and proactively in response to the information in front of them.

Nontraditional studentFor Students

For students, the solution streamlines interactions various Institute resources through:

  • Single point of contact: through the student portal they can access information and view key points regarding their mentoring program. The portal is mobile-friendly and lets them not only view but create and edit key information and requests.
  • Visibility of the assigned advisor or advisory team: whether they have a single advisor or a team of advisors. It lets them know their contact points based on their advisory function: technological, academic or tuition fee incidents, scholarships, mobility, etc. Depending on the type of consultation, the team or individual will be assigned automatically.
  • Booking meetings: Students can simply select in-person or virtual meeting times, review feedback sent by their advisors, communicate and time-manage efficiently and productively, without missing emailed notifications or paper notices.
  • Self-help: Through the portal, students can access the help section with information on Institute FAQs, both general (documentation, campus map, administrative procedures, etc.), and segmented by student type (my subjects, my course, my calendar, etc.). SAL provides a single place to look for information, so they can use the portal to see what tasks their advisor has assigned and start a dialogue if they have any questions.

For Advisors

360º Vision

A single vision is not usually offered because of the large number of systems a university has – normally with no connection between them. But with SAL, anyone can see what’s happening with students without needing to access additional systems.

advisordashboardAdvisory Team

The advisory team may consist of one or more individuals depending on how the mentoring program is established. It enables fluid communication for mentors and students as they can see answers to their questions, solutions to their problems and the person they should address – all from one place. Standardized work procedures are established among all the mentors to unify goals and enable everyone to work the same way.

Early Alerts and Notifications

You can stay ahead of potential risks and formalities with your students. Whether manual, detected by one mentor to alert another team member, or automatic (arising from the management of other systems such as SIS, LMS or Salesforce itself), this will facilitate advisors being able to work more effectively.

Session Scheduling

Meetings can be planned easily by mentor and student alike, from a browser or mobile device, and reminders can be sent. Advisors can define session topics, establish availability and manage their day, consult notes and prepare sessions from a single location. Students can request a meeting, modify it and add sessions to their calendar from their phone.